Monday, January 09, 2012

Nursery Designs (no this is not an announcement)

Our friends Tony and Angel found out back in late September that they would be welcoming a new family member sometime in early June. We were extremely excited for them and last night I got an assignment from Angel to help with the nursery. Since they won't be finding out the gender they are working on a nursery that could be for either a boy or girl. Angel found this bedding that she likes from Target, which I think is super fun.
Sumersault Baby Bedding Collection-Geo Brights.Opens in a new window.    
Now for my assignment. They want to do a lamb themed nursery, and since we have yet to find much in the way of cute lamb bedding, we're going to have to incorporate them into the room some other way. So off I set on my lamb hunt search. The first place I checked was etsy, knowing that there are all kinds of awesome handmade things on there. I actually found this lamb mobile from eleni creative on there several months ago, when I was looking for Angel and our other friend Sara, who is also having a baby and wanting to do a lamb themed nursery.

Unfortunately, the price of this sweet little guy is quite a bit more than is in the budget for a mobile, but we might be able to whip up something of our own that's similar, so we'll just have to see.

I also found this sweet print from the Keep Calm Shop, we'd probably just have to change the color scheme to go better with the bedding (and maybe change it to "love lambs").

Keep Calm and Love Sheep, 5x7 Print (featured in Silver Sage) Buy 3 Get One Free

There were several other cute wall prints that I found on etsy too.
Children's Wall Art Print- lamb, sheep, Kids Art, Nursery Art
from here

Canvas Painting with Polka Dots, Bible Verse and Lamb - "The Lord is my Shepherd"
from here

Children's Wall Art Print- lamb, sheep, family, Kids Art, Nursery Art
from here

Of course all of these would need a different color scheme to go with the bedding, but they were just some thoughts that were bouncing around in my head.

The next place I checked was, of course, pinterest. I didn't really realize until I searched "lamb" on pinterest how many recipes I would find, not exactly the most touching note eh? Anyway, I did find some cute stuff on there as well. Like a free pattern for making this lamb pillow.

Originally from here

And this fun little button sheep that we could put together in a cinch. 

originally from here

And although this has nothing to do with lambs, I think this rug would look awesome to add a little pizazz to the floor.

  • Freckle Rug.jpg
from here

I have to admit, while looking for some cute little lambs I found some kind of crazy things too. I discovered that not only can little lambs be a little too cutesy...

Baby Lamb Stars and Moon Baby Mobile
from here
they can also be pretty creepy.

Little White Lamb Stuffed toy
from here

So there you have it, a round up of the lamb nursery stuff I found while searching for Baby O.'s nursery. Anyone else done a lamb nursery? If you have any other links to great lamb nurseries (or creepy lamb stuffed animals for that matter) we'd love to see them, just post them in the comments.