Friday, August 08, 2014

July Round Up Part 1

Much like June, I am going to toss up a bunch of pictures of what happened during July with minimal captioning.

World Cup! Charlie was a little less thrilled.

Ice out on the hot deck. 

Fourth of July Party. 

The old house is officially on the market! I hope to have all the finished pictures on here soon. 

Splash pad with the cousins!

There is a buddy for each age! Say cheese!

When do we get to join in the fun? 

Playing in the creek at Grandma and Papa's house. 


More to come soon!

Friday, August 01, 2014

June Round Up

So let's face it, having two kiddos is definitely making me slack over here on the blog. Also, posting a bunch of pictures is a whole lot easier than writing a whole bunch of dialog, and pictures speak a thousand words anyway right? So here's what happened in June, with minimal captioning.

Cousins are awesome, especially if they push you on the swing.

Early morning jam session.

Street sweeping, the excitement is real.


Well, the excitement is real for some anyway...

Bath time--not really a hit either.

Sleeping is pretty great though.

Titus' Daniel Tiger birthday, complete with tiger tails for the kids.

Foosball as played by toddlers. Also, if you live in Joplin and haven't tried Rocco's Palace Pizza, you should.

Trying out Sweet Caroline's Ice Cream and Coffee on their opening day and Titus' actual birthday.

I think Will approves.


Caterpillars get hungry too.

All church picnic.

 Will's first carousel ride.

And Charlie's first carousel ride for that matter...


Third Thursday, someday I plan to dedicate an entire post to 3TH, but this will have to do for now.


"Why is my toddler crying?" Because I fixed him a plate full of the foods that he specifically asked for.

Pies for the wedding reception.

Bryan and Madeline got married!

Will got his very own bike!

And that's what happened in June! July will (hopefully) be coming shortly.