Thursday, November 07, 2013

Will's First Haircut

We put it off long enough, and I was at the point where at times I felt the need to tell Will "get a haircut you hippie", until I realized that the reason he hadn't had a haircut yet was me. I really wasn't too sentimental about it like some moms are. I knew that he would be my baby still regardless of the length of his hair, I'm really just a procrastinator is what it comes down to, but I finally made the appointment and we went in on Tuesday to get Will's hair cut. Jake decided to show how long it really was on top for the before picture. Oh, and I apologize for the poor camera phone pictures, I didn't grab the good camera on the way out of the house.

It didn't look too bad from the front still since we could comb it over in a little businessman look, but in the back and around his ears it was starting to get pretty long. I have nothing against kids with longer hair, but Will just is one of those kids that looks best with the classic clean-cut look, so it was time.

Will got to sit in the chair like a big boy, and had fun while our hairdresser was pumping the chair up to be taller. He even got to turn the clippers on and off and didn't really seem to mind them, that is until the got a little too close to his head. After that he was not a fan.

He got moved to the counter to see if that would calm him down, and he was cool with the scissors part of the cut, but when the clippers came back out to do the finishing touches to make the neckline straight and get around the ears he had had about enough, so Jake had to hold him for the last few minutes of the cut.

He looks bigger now, but what we notice the most is how much he looks like his cousin Cameron when he was younger with this cut, especially from the back.

He doesn't seem to have noticed a difference in his hair, but when I go to rub his head I can't run my fingers through his sweet little locks anymore. I know it will grow back out though, so I'm not too upset by it.