Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Drifting Dune

That's the name of the newest paint color addition to our house, Drifting Dune, and I must say I believe I'm smitten. As you may remember from this post, the back room was kind of cave-like. Oh sure, it had natural light coming in through all the windows, but somehow that awful paneling just seemed to suck the life right out of it. Well say "so long" to that awful knotty pine, and "hello" to the calming and oh-so-much brighter Drifting Dune.

We used the Olympic Premium No-VOC paint (our first time to use it on a whole room) and it was a great experience. No house smelling like paint for days on end, and since we're experiencing a little bit of a cold snap here it was nice to not need the windows open the whole time we were painting too.

It's not easy to see here, but the wall on the left has a coat of paint on it while the other walls are still just primed. 

Here's a closer view of the corner where the left half is painted and the right is just primed.

We took off the closet doors to paint them separately so that we could make sure to do a good job on them. We just took them outside to paint them, that way they were out of our way in the room too.

 We weren't super careful about the edges or anything since we plan to paint all the trim and baseboards next, and the ceiling still needs painted too, so we just had at it.

 As with the primer, the longest and most tedious job was painting in those divots since the roller wouldn't reach them. Here's a look at the walls after we were through. You may notice that we didn't worry about edging all the way up to the ceiling; that's because we are going to put the molding that was up in the room before back up (after we give it a nice coat of white paint that is).

We got it all done pretty quickly overall, and even had time to work on a few other projects to get the room that much closer to the "grand re-opening" on Memorial Day, so stay tuned for more updates soon.

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