Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End Wrap Up

As 2011 comes to a close we thought it might be fun to take a look back at what happened in the past year, and maybe take a look at some potential upcoming projects for the next year. But first, check out my awesome Christmas present from my wonderful husband who knows me so well.

That's right, a palm sander. I can't wait to break this puppy out. I have big plans for this little guy. Side note, I love that it came with a storage bag. 

And now for a short round up of the past year. We started out the year explaining how we came to have a blue door in the first place. 

We also went over the porch re-vamp. 

We gave a quick tour of the house, which can now be found on the house tour page.

We bought a new refrigerator that matches the rest of the kitchen much better than the old one did, and is much quieter too.

And the doozy (doozie?) of a project this year, the back room overhaul.

We also did a quick coffee table switcheroo.

And to end the year out we made a nice wintery wreath.

There were also several projects that we haven't gotten around to blogging about yet, like the built-in bookshelf and the brand new shed. Hopefully we'll get to those soon. Now here's a list of projects that we would like to do in the coming year. 
We bought this chair off craigslist a few months ago and I still have yet to do anything with it. I need to either clean the upholstery really well or else reupholster it. We'll have to wait and see what happens. We also need to replace the cushion, but that will hopefully be the easy part of the project.

We got this stool from Jake's great-grandmother several months ago. I've been planning to sand it down and paint it, as well as reupholster the seat, maybe now that I have my new palm sander I'll finally get to that. 

We are also hoping to get new kitchen counter tops this year, but we're saving up for them right now. (this is where I put our NEVER USE CREDIT TO BUY THINGS YOU CAN'T AFFORD plug). Anyway, as you can see in this picture, we don't have matching counter tops. We've been meaning to replace them for a long time, but it's one of those things you live with and actually forget about until you're reminded, oh right, matching countertops do look nice...

So there it is, a quick look back at 2011 and a small look into some ideas for 2012. Hopefully this year will be just as productive as last and we can continue to share it with you all. Thanks for reading!

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