Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Best Clothesline Ever

So I really should have written about this about a year and a half ago, that's when we put it up, but let's just consider my procrastination as giving time to know if this thing really works. In short, it works beautifully. I had been wanting a clothesline for quite a while so we decided that for Mother's Day (back in 2012 when I was still pregnant with Will) that I would get a one. I had seen a few different versions in magazines and online of retractable ones, and I really liked the idea of the line not being up all the time. We decided to take a trip to Lowe's to see what we could find before buying any of the expensive ones I had found online though, and I sure am glad we did. After just a little bit of looking we found this guy.

It came with an end hook, but it seemed a little flimsy, so we picked up a sturdier hook since it was going to be holding clothes. We also grabbed the eye bolt with a ring so that we could make a triangle out of the line, rather than one continuous 49 foot line.

Installation was very simple. Just drill the line into wherever you would like your line to start.

Then Jake just put the eye bolt in a tree, and the end hook back on the shed where a few feet from where we started the line.

And here it is in action.

You can see how the triangle worked for us and helped the middle of the line to not sag as much from the amount of weight it had on it. At this time I still needed to buy some clothes pins, but I have since remedied that problem. And the great thing is that when it's not in use it is barely noticeable at all; no giant poles in the middle of the yard with a line that you have to duck under every time you walk by.

I can say without hesitation almost two years later that we are both very happy with our purchase, in fact, I can hardly wait to get one up at the new house, although it has been cold enough lately that I wouldn't be able to use it anyway. So that's the story of the best clothesline ever. Your welcome.

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