Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making Out... Part 1

Making out like a bandit that is. I've had an excellent week of shopping that I just had to share. It started this weekend while Jake and I were celebrating Valentines Day. We went to dinner and then decided to go wander around TJ Maxx for a little while to see if they had anything interesting, and we found several things that we had to bring home with us. The first item we found was this cute little votive holder.

Isn't she just so sweet? Can you believe she was only $4? This was my favorite buy of the night, she's just so cute! And I love the way she looks on our bookshelf too, but I'm not sure if it will be her permanent home or not.

Our next great find was this wall decal. We've been trying to figure out for a while what to do with the giant sliding closet doors whenever we reno the back room this spring/summer. Well now we know what we're doing, or we have a descent idea anyway.
We aren't sure if we're going to use the actual decal on the door or if we'll just use it as a stencil to put up something in a slightly different color than the doors but keep it all in the same color family. And it was on clearance! Wohoo!
We figured $7.50 for such a great little addition with so many possibilities wasn't too high of a price to pay.

Now on to our last bandit buy of the night. As I was still drooling over some furniture and the votive holder from earlier, Jake found this great charging station.
Now to understand just how excited I was about this you would have to share my extreme hatred of all cords. Cords are my nemesis. I cannot stand having them out and tangled, trying their best to collect dust. I wish all things could be completely wireless, which could make my life harder in some ways considering my husband is an electrician, but it's a small sacrifice to make to have the world rid of evil cords. So, back to the charging station. This baby will at least help contain some cords, which I am super stoked about (that's right you heard it here first, "stoked" is totally back). The best part about this little puppy, well second best part after hiding those evil cords, is that it was only 2 buckaroos! Crazy! The cheapest I've ever seen something like this is around $10, and since I'm also a cheapskate I always refused to pay that much.
As you can see, the tag is marked "as is", but the problem with it was so small that it really wasn't a problem at all. There was just a tiny bit of wood splitting on one part of it, which we can always take care of with some wood glue if we get the urge. Needless to say, even though I love that little flower votive holder to death, Jake definitely won the Deal of the Night Award. And he was pretty happy about his find too, between his love of technology, my hatred of cords, and our love of all things bargain, it was like a match made in heaven TJ Maxx. So concludes the first part of the bandit shopping. We'll be back a little later with a Target trip that we put on our bandit masks for and came out loaded.

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