Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making Out... Part 2

Here's the second part of how I made out like a bandit, as promised. This time I went to Target, and I snagged some great stuff at even better prices! The first items I got were these sweet napkins I've had my eye on for a while, but since I'm the biggest cheapskate ever I wouldn't buy them when they were on clearance for $4.98.
 Isn't that the prettiest little napkin? And I got them for only $2.48 for four of them. I was pretty happy about that, but there was more happiness headed my way in the form of these tablecloths that matched the napkins.
I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to use these beauties since they're for an oblong table and I have a round one, but I have several ideas. Perhaps curtains, or pillows or the material to cover that little bench I've been wanting to work on. If all else fails I can always just make more napkins I suppose. I also picked up this tablecloth that yes, is the exact same one as what is already on the table. 
I figure if this one gets stained or torn or something I'll always have another. I'm kind of crazy like that sometimes. My next great snag were these two place mats.
As you can see they are slightly different colors, but since I don't plan on using them next to each other that shouldn't be a problem. I've already found a home for one of them on top of a little bookshelf. The last deal of the day were these two vinyl place mats that I plan to use for outdoor get togethers.
I already have coordinating flowered ones that I used for our Memorial Day Party this last year, and I thought these little circular ones would be the perfect addition to them. And at $.48 a pop how could I resist.

So let's see the final price of all of this, here's a picture to remind you of everything I snagged.
Here's the run down:
           1 package of 4 napkins-                                           $2.48
           2 60x84 tablecloths-$1.98 each                                 $3.96 total        
           1 round tablecloth (identical to what I already own)      $3.74
           2 flowered place mats-$.98 each                               $1.96 total
           2 circle place mats-$.48 each                                   $  .96 total
Grand Total:                                                                  $13.10

Not too shabby, eh? And I actually got an extra 5% off because I used my Target debit card. So ends my bandit adventures, hopefully I will have some more fun finds soon though since we are getting ready to completely renovate the back room. Stay tuned for more details.

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