Sunday, April 03, 2011

Caulk It to Me

Remember all those nails that we removed from the walls of the back room and showed you here? Well, all those nails left quite a few holes in the walls, holes that when painted over would show up, especially since we're painting the walls a light color, light colors show imperfections easier than darker colors. So, to take care of the holey problem I got my caulk on one night.
 For anyone who's never done it before, caulking is a very simple process. You simply take the bottle of caulk, load it into the caulking gun, and get going. You put your caulk wherever you need to repair a hole, crack, etc. and then wipe away any excess so that you have a nice, smooth surface to work with. You don't have to try to be clean when caulking, any excess wipes away easily with a damp cloth, and you can even use your fingers to apply it if that's your style. The "hands on" approach works best for me, but Jake prefers to use the gun. By the time I was done with the walls in the back room they were looking a little like a kid with chicken pox being treated with calamine lotion, anyone else remember that experience as a child?
We've since wiped the walls down and they are ready to prime. There were a couple of larger holes in a few of the knots that we probably should have used wood putty for, and would recommend that to anyone else who may be taking on this kind of a project, but we didn't have any on hand, so we just made due with what we had. Anyone else been getting their caulk on recently? or Preparing to paint wood paneling? 

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  1. i was COVERED in calamine lotion in 1st grade. don't even worry, we had the same experience. it's a good thing we didn't really know each other at that point, because you SO would not have been my friend with me looking like that. :)